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Let’s face it! Student loans are an enormous problem. For decades people have been brainwashed into believing a college education guarantees them a better income. While this might be true for some, what is certain is that these students and sometimes parents, relatives, and friends as co-signers take out an enormous debt for this education. Attending trade schools can be as expensive as attending a college.

Unfortunately, few people consider the problems of repaying these loans. As a Las Vegas area Debt Solutions attorney, Dorothy Bunce has spent many years looking for solutions to resolve student loan debts inside and outside Debt Solutions. She developed a personal relationship with attorneys representing the Student Loan servicers, and they taught her some insider tricks.


For example, there are currently several options to lower student loan payments. These programs do not increase the total cost of student loan debt. Instead, this obligation could provide you with substantial debt forgiveness. But choosing the wrong program, even on the advice of representatives at your student loan company, can have catastrophic consequences. So getting advice from an experienced debt solutions lawyer, such as Dorothy Bunce, could be a wise investment.


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Preparation is Key. Some Strategies to Help Us Help You. 

  • Review your loans. How many student loans do you have? What do you owe on each one? What types of loans do you have? When did you last pay on them? Are these loans current, in forbearance, deferment, or default? Did someone cosign these loans?
  • Set up a plan. If you are working, what can you afford to pay? Do you have any unusual financial obligations, such as supporting others who cannot work? Have you had other bumps in the road that limit your ability to pay?
  • Look at the student loan programs. There are programs to lower your payments if you have federal student loans. Yes, these programs are confusing because there are a lot of them. Unfortunately, you might lose these benefits if you pick the wrong one and pay more than you should. Before deciding, obtain advice from our Student Loan Settlement Lawyer Las Vegas NV at Vegas Debt Solutions.


Student Loan Forgiveness Exists Today!

Politicians claim that “the other guy” doesn’t support student loan forgiveness, but I do… so vote for me. But there are currently four ways you could lower your student loan debt and the monthly payments. There are also many programs available to obtain these benefits. Of course, you aren’t going to get any help unless you apply for a specific program. You most likely can qualify for one of these existing programs. But if you apply for the wrong program, being accepted doesn’t assure you that you will get the benefits. In addition, these programs require you to pay something based on what the government believes you can afford. The criteria to qualify for these programs include:

  • Your career: Do you work for the government a non-profit organization? If so, there is a special affordable income-based program. If you make payments on time for 10 years, the government will forgive your remaining student loan debt.

  • Your income: Many repayment programs base your student loan payments on your income and family obligations. The government then forgive any remaining balance if you make these lower payments on time for 20-25 years.

  • Extraordinary circumstances: Death, identity theft, or unknowingly obtaining student loans can excuse your obligation to repay student loan debts.

  • Undue Hardship. If you or a family member has an extraordinary hardship that makes it impossible to repay your student loans, even at a reduced rate, the government might be willing to forgive these debts immediately.

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