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Chapter 7

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Being in debt is difficult. It interferes with your sleep, family relationships, and work. But, whatever kinds of debt you owe, Chapter 7 Debt Solutions could eliminate these debts.

You may want to consider Chapter 7 Debt Solutions as a solution if you have:

Credit card debt
● Collection accounts
Owe hospitals or other medical debts
● Your business failed
● You had to break a lease
● Creditors sued you
● Even if you owe the IRS.

Chapter 7 Debt Solutions can also solve many other debt problems. At Vegas Debt Solutions, Las Vegas chapter 7 attorney Dorothy Bunce will begin by objectively reviewing your debt problems. Some people are eligible for Chapter 7 Debt Solutions , but others are not. For some people, Chapter 7 Debt Solutions is a blessing, while it can be a nightmare for others.

When someone files Chapter 7, the Court issues an Order to your creditors called “an automatic stay.” This Order prohibits creditors from contacting you or taking other steps to collect. This powerful benefit is an important reason why many people select Debt Solutions over settling their debts.

Of course, there are many ways to solve debt problems. So the Vegas Debt Solutions team will review all your options before recommending one solution over another. During this process, the attorney and the team will explain the benefits and risks of each option to let you decide what’s best. Finally, of course, the attorney will offer her legal advice.

If you choose Chapter 7 Debt Solutions , know that our Las Vegas Chapter 7 Attorney Dorothy handled her first Chapter 7 case in 1979. Dorothy is a top volunteer on the legal advice website Avvo and has answered more than 30,000 questions about debt.

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Immediately Stop Creditors from Calling or Texting You

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