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Because solving debt problems is both complicated and confusing, it isn’t surprising that there are plenty of myths about the process. Everyone who has gone through a debt settlement, debt consolidation, or debt management program has had a different experience. Many people believe debt settlement or Bankruptcy means “giving up.” Others believe that “they will never get credit again.” Others think “they make too much even to consider their options.” 

However, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 programs are strategic ways to solve the problem of overwhelming debt. As a result, many people take advantage of these programs to obtain a fresh start.

Vegas Debt Solutions offers Bankruptcy as one path to a fresh start. But we first consider whether there are other, better options. If you wonder which way would be the right choice for you, Attorney Dorothy Bunce at Vegas Debt Solutions can answer your questions.

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Debt Solutions Myths

With over 35 years of experience solving debt problems and as a frequent volunteer on the online forum, Avvo, Attorney Dorothy Bunce of Vegas Debt Solutions has answered more than 30,000 questions about debts.

A generic answer can be misleading because your circumstances are unique. Whether Bankruptcy or debt settlement is good or bad, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to solve YOUR debt problems. Before deciding how to solve your debt problems, why not consult an experienced attorney who provides all the options to solve debts? The answers you receive in a free consultation may surprise you.

Common Myths about Debt Solutions are:

There are guaranteed solutions to erase every debt.

 Implementing a debt solution permanently ruins your credit.

 If you file for Bankruptcy, you will lose your house and car.

Both Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement will increase creditor harassment.

You can only file for Bankruptcy once.

Everyone can file for Bankruptcy.

However, the truth is:

Bankruptcy doesn’t eliminate “special” debts, such as child support, most taxes, debts linked to crimes, and student loans.

Your credit was damaged because you didn’t pay your debts on time. However, some people see an increase in their credit score immediately after filing for Bankruptcy or paying their creditors. In addition, you can significantly rebuild your credit within a year. At Vegas Debt Solutions, we have proven strategies to increase your credit score, but doing this requires effort.

If you don’t keep current on your mortgage or car loan, you will lose your house and car whether you file for Bankruptcy or not.

Retaining an attorney prevents creditor harassment. It is rare for you to have any contact with your creditors once you hire an attorney. If creditors should call you, you only have to say, “call my attorney.” 

You can only eliminate your debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge once every 8 years. However, even then, you could still get protection from your creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as long as you qualify. And unlike Bankruptcy, debt settlement doesn’t involve any time restrictions.

To be eligible to eliminate debts in Bankruptcy, you must meet specific financial criteria.

Immediately Stop Creditors from Calling or Texting You

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