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Las Vegas Attorney Dorothy Bunce Could Change Your Financial Future.

Welcome to Las Vegas Debt Solutions Whether you call it debt relief, debt consolidation debt settlement, bankruptcy, pre-bankruptcy, or debt solutions, when money is tight, repaying debts is tough. You want something that works at a reasonable cost.

To relieve your stress, our Las Vegas law firm, located on Eastern Avenue near Charleston, provides cost-efficient solutions to debt problems. Every debt problem is unique, our lawyer in Las Vegas NV offers customized and practical advice. Therefore, Vegas Debt Solutions doesn’t provide a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, we cater the solution to your precise circumstances.

When financial problems jeopardize your family relationships, business, credit score, or reputation, it is time to seek the advice of an experienced professional. But knowing which way to turn is challenging. Your emotions might tell you one thing, but your feelings may stop you from considering your best interests.

You have choices!

Most people want to “do the right thing.” Meeting an experienced professional to analyze your circumstances and offer objective solutions could help you find options that are right for you.

Meet Dorothy Bunce, an attorney in Las Vegas NV who knows Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement strategies, for a free initial consultation. Then, when you hire the team at Vegas Debt Solutions, they will see your case through to its finish. Your financial future depends on what you do now.

Types of Debts All debts are not equal, Some debts are more urgent than others. At Vegas Debt Solutions, we solve debts such as:

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  • Credit Cards
  • Medical
  • Court Judgments
  • Student Loans
  • Foreclosures
  • HOA- Home Owner Association
  • IRS & other Taxes
  • Business Debts
  • Accidents & Insurance Problems
  • Landlord/Tenant Problems
  • Solar & Water Treatment Liens
Dorothy Bunce

About Dorothy Bunce

With more than 35 years of experience working in the field of Bankruptcy, attorney Dorothy Bunce has a comprehensive understanding of this practice area and a lengthy record of success.

Attorney Dorothy Bunce graduated from the University of Puget Sound Law School in Tacoma, Washington in 1978. She passed the State Bar of Nevada later that year. She immediately entered into private practice with her own law firm. In 1989, Dorothy’s husband passed away, leaving her with medical debt that prompted her to file Bankruptcy. This firsthand experience with Bankruptcy gave her a crucial understanding of how debts affect others who are now in her shoes. Attorney Dorothy knows how fast life can change. Being unprepared for unexpected situations without knowing what to do is an awful consequence of life. However, with the proper legal knowledge, you can recover from many of life’s financial catastrophes. Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Dorothy devotes all her professional time to helping her clients achieve a fresh financial start.

Services There is neither a single way nor a best way to solve debt problems. One size does not fit all

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often the best way to eliminate debts. But it doesn’t get rid of certain special or unusual debts. In addition, Bankruptcy is not available to everyone. When Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is available, it is often the cheapest option. But there are other times when Chapter 7 can be the more expensive choice.

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Understanding Debt Settlement Letters

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy offers a “last chance” way to stop a foreclosure, pay off tax debts, child support, or alimony, or prevent you from losing your security clearance. Chapter 13 can sometimes eliminate unusual debts that Chapter 7 can’t.

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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement, often incorrectly called Debt Consolidation, provides another way to eliminate debt. Debt settlement allows you a flexible, private way to pay off debts at a discount.

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Student Loans

Student Loan Solutions

Student Loan Solutions. The US government has several programs to lower your monthly payments. Vegas Debt Solutions also offers options to resolve private student loan debt.

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What does it mean to protect your assets 3

Asset protection

Asset protection, if it is appropriate, can be the cheapest way to solve debt problems. But it requires you to have nerves of steel and vigilantly manage your finances.

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You Deserve a Fresh Start! We have helped hundreds of people, just like you, eliminate their debts.

Solving your debt problems is our only business.

Everyone knows you can’t finance your Bankruptcy.

Or so “they” say. However, there are ways you can finance your legal fee for a Bankruptcy, and thus proves that “everyone” is wrong.

Immediately Stop Creditors from Calling or Texting You

Bifurcated Contract – Chapter 7

You hire the attorney to provide a preliminary service for a modest fee. (This usually costs $50, plus the Court costs.) After the attorney files your case, you can then hire the attorney to do the additional work to complete your case. You finance the cost of the remaining legal fee over a year with monthly payments.

Legal Fees Paid Through Plan – Chapter 13

You hire an attorney to handle your entire case. You pay the Court costs, and your Trustee pays your legal fees from Plan payments.

Of course, financing your Bankruptcy costs more. But if your wages are garnished, the “repo man” is circling the block, or your home is up for foreclosure, this option is crucial.