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Did you have an accident your insurance didn’t cover?

Uninsured accidents are common. When money was scarce, perhaps you lowered your coverage or couldn’t pay an insurance premium. Or did you decide to enter the “gig” economy, full- or part-time? This type of work could have required you to use your personal vehicle to do your job. Unfortunately, one casualty of making these decisions may have affected your vehicle insurance.

Driving others or delivering products can give your auto insurance company an excuse to deny paying for an accident.

Unfortunately, you can face enormous repercussions if you didn’t pay your premiums on time or reduced your coverage. Without insurance, you are responsible for paying for the damages. Worse, this situation can result in you losing your driver’s license, even if you were not at fault, and could even involve facing criminal charges.


Were you in an accident and are waiting for an insurance company to pay your claim?

You may be able to keep some or even all of this money even if you file for Bankruptcy. But the details matter. So in this situation, be sure to have information about what amount you believe you might get and discuss it with your Debt Solutions attorney.

At Vegas Debt Solutions, we are very familiar with the ways to protect your claim for personal injury benefits. Our team will even consult with your personal injury lawyer to explain how to protect this important asset.


Do you have a life insurance policy with a “cash surrender” value? Or do you have a claim for life insurance benefits due to someone’s death?

Nevada laws fully protect these assets. But unfortunately, it is all too easy to make a small mistake that destroys these legal protections. So at Vegas Debt Solutions, we encourage you to consult an attorney to make sure you don’t make a mistake handling this valuable benefit. Once a check is deposited into your bank account, it is vulnerable to your creditors. So obtain and carefully follow expert legal advice before doing something you may regret.


During the past 35+ years, the attorney at Vegas Debt Solutions has faced many issues involving protecting life insurance benefits. We will carefully work with you to explain how to avoid potential land mines when handling this asset


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