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A lien is a legal process that gives a creditor a partial interest in property. A lien prevents an owner from selling or refinancing property until the creditor is paid. A mortgage is a type of lien, and so is a car loan. In most instances, a creditor with a lien can sell the property without the owner’s consent, pay the debt, and then any remaining balance goes to the owner.

Someone may have agreed to a lien to borrow money. But most problems involve liens that creditors place on property without the owner’s consent.

At Las Vegas Debt Solutions, we often joke and say that there are nearly as many types of liens as there are flavors of Vodka in a Las Vegas nightclub. So it is important to understand that the type of lien affects how it can be removed.

Types of Liens we work with

  • University Medical Center Liens
  • UMC Lien
  • Sunrise Hospital Lien
  • Valley Healthcare Lien
  • Dignity Heath Lien
  • St Rose Hospital Lien
  • Henderson Hospital Lien
  • Summerlin Hospital Lien
  • Southern Hills Hospital Lien
  • North Vista Hospital Lien
  • Medical Debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Collection Lawsuit
  • Credit Card Lawsuit