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Solar and Water Treatment Liens

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While the news describes the many advantages of “going solar,” no one talks about the evil way these products can be marketed and financed.

And after moving to southern Nevada, we discover hard water makes our skin itch and doesn’t clean well. Salespeople come by, call, or send us flyers. At some point, we fall for the pitch and buy something that costs far more than it is worth because “it saves money” and is available with “easy financing.”

And we wish we had asked more questions. For example, the lender may record a lien on our home as part of financing a solar or water treatment system. In some instances, the company promising to service these systems disappears. But the debt and the lien remain to ensure the finance company gets paid.

Vegas debt solutions can help resolve financing issues of solar and water treatment systems and find ways to eliminate any lien on your property.

Immediately Stop Creditors from Calling or Texting You

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